Improve your Automated Marketing Reports Using Powermetrics

Automated marketing reports generation obtains current reports and automates them to be automatically updated when new data becomes available. Thus, automatic reporting enables you to identify your target audience and offers insight into missing fields, apart from saving your time and money. Furthermore, you may develop a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy for growing your firm and achieving success with this knowledge.

Using Powermetrics for Automated marketing reports lets you automatically update your analytics reports as new data becomes available in real-time. Thus, enabling you to make any necessary modifications to your marketing tactics.

Timing is critical in today’s contemporary world, with enterprises spanning a large demographic region. Moreover, if you wait hours or even days to get your analytic data, your competition may have already absorbed some of your prospective clients.

Furthermore, Powermetrics can help you uncover the true potential of your data by providing user-friendly, interactive dashboards that impact smart data-driven business decisions. Moreover, no coding abilities are required, thus allowing everyone to benefit. Nonetheless, you can personalise it to your needs in no time and be ready to dominate the market.

Powermetrics provides a comprehensive range of products and services that help businesses outshine their competitors and improve marketing strategies. Let us look at the products in-depth to discover how they may help your business flourish.

  • Automated Marketing Reports with Google Data Studio
  • Automated Reports with Google Web Analytics Dashboard

Powermetrics, Google web analysis dashboards help in visualising the website performance. Furthermore, it also conducts a deep analysis of all the KPIs linked to it.

Powermetrics google analytics dashboard breaks the limitations of conventional Google Analytics. Moreover, it is now possible to see all of your website’s essential metrics in one place, helping you review all the crucial metrics of your website data. Furthermore, its cost-effective, plug & play model makes it easy to customise and adapt your dashboard to fit your changing demands.

  • Absorbs real-time data and instantly displays it.
  • Analyse the impact of all your digital marketing efforts.
  • Allow for real-time monitoring of website traffic.
  • Fit your criteria using the metrics

Google Search Console Analytics Dashboard

Discover new prospects, boost current performance and execute marketing strategies may all be accomplished with the help of Search Console’s data. Without any doubt, this is an essential tool for businesses that rely on their website for user experience or lead generation via organic traffic.

Google Ads Analytics Dashboard

Google Ads data studio dashboard tracks your business activities on the internet. Furthermore, it generates an easy-to-understand summary of the data that Google has gathered about your business. Moreover, using the dashboard, you may analyse and access your ad campaigns using a variety of scoreboards, tables, and customisable grids.

Powermetrics real-time Google Ads dashboard is a cutting-edge reporting solution that lets you grasp your AdWords full potential. Furthermore, it tracks the effectiveness of your campaigns and ad performances.

  • Process of collecting data for creating reports automatically.
  • Easily customisable with preset templates and drag & drop features
  • Real-time access to key metrics

Bespoke Tableau

A data visualisation tool capable of transforming complex data into an easily understandable format. Furthermore, this business intelligence application gathers analyses and visualises raw data in tables, charts, and graphs. Moreover, even someone with no technical skills may produce reports and evaluate data patterns with this reporting tool.

  • Drag and drop features
  • Easily accessible and allows collaboration with peers.
  • Allows to connect and monitor numerous data sources.
  • Advanced data visualisation solutions
  • Data studio connectors

LinkedIn Analytics

Your LinkedIn analytics data serves as evidence of your marketing efforts on the platform. Tracking LinkedIn data should be a critical component of your social media strategy.

With the LinkedIn Analytics service from Powermetrics, you can determine whether you’ve accomplished a new milestone, such as record audience growth, engagement, or conversions. It has an intuitive dashboard and displays real-time data so that you can stay ahead of your competitors.

The creative team behind Powermetrics is all geared up. It will soon launch data studio connectors like Facebook ads, Instagram insights, Facebook insights, LinkedIn ads, linked pages, google my business, etc.

# Why Powermetrics for Automated Marketing Reports?

Powermetrics data studio dashboards aggregate thousands of data points from multiple sources, including your website and social network sites. Moreover, it offers an easy-to-understand format, attracts a more targeted audience, and enhances your marketing campaigns. Thus, pushing your business to greater heights.

Furthermore, the team consists of Award-Winning Data & Visualization Experts with more than 15 years of experience in the Data Science and analytics industry, providing best-in-class analytics to your business.

Key Feature highlights:

  • No coding skills are needed.
  • Ready to go within an hour.
  • Real-time data presentation
  • Easily customisable as per requirement
  • Award-winning company (2015)
  • Drag and drop features
  • More than 15 years of specialisation in the field of data science and analytics.

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