Client Success Reporting for Agencies

Handling Big data is not a challenging task for our data engineering team. Data retrieval is no longer a slow and tedious process. In today’s era, we have access to tons of data and information. At the same time, there is a danger of the information being overloaded. There are several methods to transform the data into actionable, memorable, and usable insights, and one of these methods is Data Visualization.


Powermetrics solved complicated business problems using our analytics intelligence with data. One of our client requested us to solve a problem to upsell their recruitment service with their onboard clients. Their clients have individual job boards to recruit candidates for the vacancy in their firm. Our client needs to know whether the job boards have any engineering and Information technology-related jobs because our client offers skilled tech candidates to top companies to full fill their workforce requirements in the united states.


Our team has built a robust and scalable methodology to extract job data from the selected job boards listed by our client. We stored the extracted data in cloud storage. We rendered it in google data studio that visualizes the present job openings with the required Job titles and tech stacks like SQL, PYTHON, JAVASCRIPT to refer the accurate skilled candidates to their clients. This data model will reduce the time to inspect the client’s needs, upsell and fill their workforce at the right time.


Our dashboard setup has helped our clients to upsell their recruitment services. The management and sales team can monitor the current workforce needed by their clients.

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