The Value of Web Analytics for Recruitment Businesses

Insight is the most valuable tool that any business can have.

With insight, you can look analytically at the data you have to determine how best to use it to serve your client’s needs. In this article, we are going to discuss web analytics and its transforming effects on the recruitment business.

But before getting into that, let’s discuss how web analytics can help in the  overall growth of any business. We will then use those insights to shed some light on the importance of web analytics in the recruitment industry. So let’s get started:

Your website is a minefield of data – Make proper use of it

Business is all about attracting the customers’ attention by creating products or services that meet the purpose or intent of the target customers. This is only possible if the customers know about your services and products. Enhancing the brand awareness among the target customers is the key here.

This is where marketing comes into place. Did you know that your website is the number one marketing tool? Your website not only displays the relevant product or services information but also holds major data regarding user experience, lead generation, customer behaviour and much more.

The website is a hub of data that if utilized well can help you revolutionise your marketing game to a whole new level.

What is Web Analytics?

Harnessing the data capabilities of your website is known as web analytics.

With the ever growing rate of data, it becomes crucial that one regularly tracks  and analyzes these data and incorporates them into their marketing strategies. Here are the key metrics that your website’s web analytics can reveal:

  • User Behaviour
  • Content and SEO Analytics
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Acquisition Analytics

We are explaining each of the above mentioned metrics that web analytics can be used to track for enhanced online marketing efforts in depth below.

Know your customer’s behaviour inside out from Web Analytics

The key behind that is being able to track the data to find out what is driving particular customer activities and behaviour.

These web analytics can tell you everything you need to know from how many visitors you receive, where they come from (by location and device), which pages they click on and how long they stay to their age, gender, occupation and interests. By measuring these results against your key performance indicators, you can see how well your website is performing.

Furthermore, by taking that tangible information you can make it actionable, and create a better client outcome and experience. This data can also inform the type of content they are looking for and you can adjust yours accordingly to meet those needs.

Use Web Analytics for powerful content & SEO strategy

You can use web analytics to measure how effective your digital marketing campaigns are and to help shape future strategies.

By doing some basic research, you can also find commonly-searched keywords for your business or sector and use them to improve your website’s visibility with the purpose of driving traffic, sales or other metrics.

However, rather than using the most generic searched for words, you should use the ones that distinguish your business and enable you to better reach your target market.

While keywords are important, don’t feel obliged to cram your website with them. It’s better to have content that is readable and more likely to elicit a response from your customer.

Get the complete traffic and acquisition data using web analytics

Suppose, if you are doing a whole range of marketing for your business which includes putting your efforts on SEO as well as running ads along with being active on social media. Through traffic analytics you will know which marketing efforts are bearing more fruits for you. This will help you in leveraging more focus and money into that particular realm to enhance your organic traffic.

Next comes acquisition analytics which helps you know if those traffic that you attracted, are they converting into leads or not? Are the visitors taping onto any links of your website and downloading any content or app from your website? All this valuable information will help you strategize your marketing efforts in a better direction.

Use case of our very own UK’s best vehicle history checking company

We have a deep and proven track record in web analytics, having launched Car Analytics, a database which checks used car history, in 2018. The service gives buyers peace of mind when purchasing their vehicle by providing an instant comprehensive history check report.

The platform, which doubled its sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, receives an average of 300,000 visitors per month and has a customer review rating of 4.8 out of five stars from more than 3,000 users. By the proper usage of web analytics, we could grow from to 345K organic traffic and 10 keywords to 6000+ keywords in such a short span of time.

We also received two accolades as a recognition of our work, adding gems to our crown.  Car Analytics has been featured on the Auto Express UK website and recently achieved the accolade of being among the best car checking websites in 2020. And we also received the best vehicle history checking service award in 2020 from the small and medium enterprise news.

Now that we know a lot about web analytics, let’s get you to the main topic of this article, which is the role of web analytics for recruiters.

Accelerate your way towards smart recruitment

As we already said, for any business reaching the target audience is of prime importance. And we already know how web analytics can help businesses dig their data potential to better their overall performance.

For the recruitment industry, web analytics can help in enhancing the online visibility and web performance. Web analytics can let you know the number of users applying for the jobs by submitting their CVs or contacting you over phone or email directly.

You can also know the number of clients who want to advertise their job vacancies through your website.

Web Analytics reveals more than just the number of visitors

We have heard many recruiters saying –

“ We can easily track the number of applications coming through our website, so why do we need analytics?”

This is a great question that allows us to explain the hidden potentials of web analytics even further. Tracking the number of applicants could be an easy task but:

All these findings and a few more are only possible if you work on your web analytics and try incorporating the insights on your web performance and marketing efforts.

Here at Powermetrics, we have been at the cutting-edge of web analytics for the past decade. Recently, we launched our Web Analytics Toolkit, specifically designed to help companies and recruiters improve their website performance and gain better visibility among the target candidates.

All those crucial data that allows you to understand your user behaviour can effortlessly be taken from our toolkit. If you want your recruitment business to be at the helm, try out our web analytic tool today.

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