Google Analytics Dashboard

A Professional and Customizable Google Analytics Dashboard!


A professional and customizable Google Analytics dashboard is the foundation of any website that soars high. Not only does the GA dashboards help in visualizing and the website performance, but it also conducts a deep analysis of all the KPIs linked to it. Powermetrics GA Dashboard breaks the limitations of conventional Google Analytics, helping you glance over all the crucial metrics of your website data.


Customized Google Data Studio- Make the most of the website data.

Top key metrics displayed on our custom Google Analytics Report.

Users | Sessions | Pages per session | Devices | Source/medium | Channels | Pageviews | Unique pageviews

Difference between buying a ready-to-go dashboard and building your own dashboard

Time : Building a Google Analytics Dashboard for your website all by yourself requires a lot of effort. Whereas when buying an off-the-shelf dashboard like Powermetrics, customizing as per your needs and integrating on to your website requires less than an hour!

Cost : The cost involved in building your own dashboard is significantly higher than buying one. Making even a simple dashboard may cost you thousands of dollars. At Powermetrics, our paid plan for creating Google Analytics Dashboard starts from
 $70/per hour.

Updating : Creating a dashboard on your own would need you to contact the developer or file a ticket each time you make iterations. While if you buy a plug and play Google data studio, you can apply changes easily and make your dashboard meet all your future needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bounce rate is the percentage of sessions in which the users started their session on a page and ended on the same page.

No. Visualizing the website data doesn’t require you to have any coding skills. Power metric’s google analytics data studio extracts data in real-time and presents it to you easily.

The goal of SEO is to outpace your competitors and make your website shine. Google analytic reports let you fix all the stuff that otherwise harms your SEO. It enables you to track your SEO efforts.

CTR is the click-through rate is the percentage of people who click on a link to the number of users who have visited the page or advertisement. It is an important metric to analyze how successful an ad was.

Exit rate is the number of users who entered a website, read through it, took action such as clicking on the menu or blogs and then left the page. Bounce rate is the number of users who entered a website and then left without taking any actions. All bounce rates are exit rates, but not all exit rates are bounce rates.

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