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Experience the power of big data and visualisation in making smarter business decisions. So no more daunting spreadsheets as you are only a few clicks away from reviewing impressive and easy-to-comprehend Google search console data.

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Why do you need Google Search Console data for your website?

Why Choose Powermetrics’ Google Search Console Dashboard?

Drag-and-Drop: Create your own Google Search Console Dashboard with all the metrics that seem important to your website. Simply drag and drop your widgets and there you go!

Customisation: Be it building a dashboard from the present metrics or new ones. Display the data the way you want on reports that closely resemble your brand.

Performance Report: From top queries to crawl errors, top pages to average positions, you will gain actionable insights about your website all in one dashboard.

Monitor your website’s online presence with maximum flexibility.

Avail a clear and concise view of the online visibility of your or your clients’ website with Powermetrics’ Google Search Console data. Our dashboard is feature-packed with all the parameters that are crucial in gaining better visibility in the online platforms.

Popular metrics and dimensions that our users add to their Google Search Console Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Analytics and Google Search Console function completely differently. Google Analytics collects data that are pertaining to user behaviour. While Google Search Console helps website owners to gain better SEO.

Google Console is a free tool that helps you kick in your SEO game. From keywords your site ranks for to site issues, generating new trending content ideas to tracking your performance in time, this is a must-have SEO toolkit for all website owners.

A request for information from a search engine is known as the query. It can be numbers, words or even phrases and can be accessed through the Search Analytics Report in Google Console.

Google Search Console launched a beta known as the Search Console insights that was initially accessible to only a few content creators. But now it is available to all. It gives insights from both Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

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