Tableau Solutions

A Data Visualisation Tool With the Power To Transform Data Into an Understandable Format

This BI tool collects, analyses and visualises the raw data in tables, charts, graphs and more. Anyone can use this reporting tool to create reports and analyse the data trends with zero technical knowledge.


Striking Features of Powemetrics’ Tableau Solutions:

The essential elements of a Tableau sheet are:

Data Pane | Dimension Section | Measures Section |
Marks Section | Filters | Data Sources

Powermetrics’ Tableau Solutions - A Vital Tool to Resolve your Significant Data Issues

In this business intelligence era, nothing holds more importance than proper reporting and visualisation of data. Though there are various reporting tools, Tableau Solutions has firmly set its ground, becoming the most powerful tool.

Its in-built features allow data collection from multiple sources that are further analysed and reported into understandable formats.

The drag and drop format makes it highly user-friendly as users can create their dashboards as per their needs. Even a non-technical user can effortlessly use the features of this tool, analyse and draw data-driven business decisions.

Benefits of Tableau BI Reporting Tool

If your goal is ‘Accelerated analysis and report creation for better insights’, Tableau solutions will be your best suit. Here are some clear benefits that earn this cutting-edge BI tool a more significant edge over its competitors:

Frequently Asked Questions

From blending and visualisation of raw data to real-time data analysis, creating queries to queries, translation & visualisation and more, are some of the uses of the Tableau reporting tool.

The Tableau tools come in desktop, online, public, server and reader suits.

Developer tools and sharing tools are the two classifications of this tool. The developer tools are used majorly for creating the dashboard and reports. The Tableau desktop and public suits come under this classification. Sharing tools are used for sharing and collaborating the reports and dashboards that are created. The product suits that fall under this classification are server, reader and online.

Tableau offers the ease to present complex data into understandable formats quickly. It requires no coding knowledge and can be used in various suits. It has extensive options inbuilt to secure the data.

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